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We are Focused on  Retail Merchandising


In-Store Team Programs

  • Captains to lead in-store teams
  • Reps to fill regular team positions
  • Reps to fill renew/remodel team position


Pack Out Programs

  • Bring added value to high profile accounts
  • Secure additional displays
  • Reduce O/S during peak selling times
  • Increase sales and profits


Continuity Retail Coverage

  • Dedicated reps to represent  your product line
  • Educate consumer and retailers
  • Cut-in new items
  • POG compliance
  • Sell in displays and shippers
  • Correct distribution voids and increase distribution


Fair Shared Programs

  • Planning
  • Test and time study
  • Scheduling
  • Staffing and Execution
  • Program Management
  • Lead Teams

Retailers We Service