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At Wolco, Our Focus is Retail Merchandising

We provide services including:

In-Store Team Programs

    • Captains to lead in-store teams
    • Reps to fill regular team positions
    • Reps to fill renew/remodel team positions

Continuity Retail Coverage

    • Dedicated reps to represent your product line
    • Educate consumers and retailers
    • Cut-in new items
    • POG compliance
    • Sell in displays and shippers
    • Correct distribution voids and increase distribution

Pack Out Programs

    • Bring added value to high profile accounts
    • Secure additional displays
    • Reduce Overstock during peak selling times
    • Increase Sales and Profits

Fair Shared Programs

    • Planning
    • Test and time study
    • Scheduling
    • Staffing and Execution
    • Program Management
    • Lead Teams


    • A corporate culture based on Integrity, trust, and performance
    • Outstanding service reputation
    • Professional reps who are trained on our vendors and retailers procedures and standards
    • Project Management team with the expertise to manage your programs
    • Field Supervision to help our team achieve your clients objectives and goals
    • Flexibility to meet your needs in the demanding retail environment
    • Web based Reporting system which allows you to measure results in real time
    • No work outsourced
    • Non Biased approach, we do not represent any manufactures at headquarter level
    • High performance and value added